Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

To me, the words "homemade pizza" say fun-filled family Friday night (how's that for alliteration? My 9th grade Honor's English teacher would be proud.)! This crust recipe comes from my dear mother, a true homemaker icon. Not only is this pizza crust oh-so-tasty and healthy, it's also super fast to make! Tonight I made Shaved Asparagus Pizza from Tasty Kitchen with my mom's whole wheat crust (pictured above). Can you say Mmm-Mmm?! This way, with whole wheat and veggies, you can eat pizza and nix that gross "pizza hangover" feeling!

*Note: You can also try my Yeast-Free Pizza Dough with Whole Wheat

1 1/4 cups regular whole wheat flour
1/4 cup white flour (Or use 100% whole wheat white flour for all of the flour)
1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbs yeast
3/4 cup very hot water

Combine flours, salt, and yeast. Add hot water until the dough forms into a ball (it will be quite moist). Knead the dough for about 1 minute, then let rest on floured surface for a few minutes (just while you get the yummy toppings ready). Roll out to a diameter of about 13-14 inches.
Softer crust: Add your favorite toppings and bake at 450 until crust begins to brown (about 15 minutes).
Crispier crust: Bake crust at 450 for 3-5 minutes (depending on how crispy you like it), then add toppings and continue baking for another 10 or so minutes (again, depending on how crispy you would like it).

*I like to spread olive oil on the crust before putting sauce & toppings on, and also sprinkling seasonings (ex: garlic powder, oregano, italian seasoning) and grated parmesan cheese on top!


Readable Eatables said...

Kristin, oh my gosh! Your blog looks awesome. I seriously love it! I'm excited to try some of your yummy recipes. Your pictures look so so good!

Mary said...

I have been looking for a good whole wheat pizza crust recipe, I am so excited to try this!!! ps- So stoked you are doing this!

Unknown said...

Wow... I did this tonight because I was too lazy to go to Whole Foods for a crust! This was amazing my husband and I will do this all the time. I did all whole wheat and added Italian Seasoning to the dough. Thanks so much!

Ashley said...

This was a great recipe, thank you! I doubled the recipe, did all whole wheat flour (fresh ground) and it turned out well. I also added a small amt of sucanat(about 1/4 tsp total) which I used to proof the yeast. :)

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