Grapes & Almonds

That's it.

Grapes & almonds.

Crunchy, crispy, creamy.

Sometimes you just need a snack to sit out on the table all day that you can grab every time you walk by.

Grapes & Almonds

1 handful large red grapes, washed
1 handful raw almonds, on sale

Place ingredients on a plate. Toss (yes, you must toss) one grape into your mouth, closely followed by one almond. Simultaneously chew both almond & grape to appropriately enjoy the crispness & juiciness of the grape mixed with the crunchiness, yet creaminess, of the almond. Enjoy heaven in your mouth.

Note: The only variation to this recipe would be if your grapes are small. The ratio would then change to 2:1 grapes to almonds instead of the original 1:1. :)

Happiness is in grapes & almonds.

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